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Free-Floating Deeper


Handcut pages from a book

“Time Whirls
Life is free-floating,
In never-ending twilight”

‘Free-Floating Deeper’ is one of a series of recent works addressing environmental issues through altered books. It focuses on our relationship with the oceans and with our wider environment.
By editing, redacting and obscuring while at the same time selecting, revealing and augmenting, outdated information and knowledge is reframed; re-presented.
I find new meaning within the text, allowing poetry to emerge which guides the reading of the work, creating a narrative and a space in which we can place ourselves.


Pages mounted individually, each measuring
48.5 x 35.5cm mounted size
Floated on black mountboard with a white mountboard surround


Free packing and postage with the UK mainland.
Please contact me before purchase for a quote for shipping outside mainland UK.

Free-Floating Deeper