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A Free-Floating Minute


A Free-Floating Minute reflects upon deep time and our relationship with planet Earth. As humans we strive for greater knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world. We are able to look beyond ourselves to take a world view, a universal view; a view through time. And yet we continue to self-sabbotage

The overlapping layers of multiple cubes hints at the original form of a book, but the inability to access that information points towards the changing nature of knowledge and our relationship to it; how quickly what we think we know goes out of date and our view on the world changes.

Where waves part
Is as we believed

Now come great changes

A celestial dragon
In darkest shadow

A free-floating minute
A never-ending life

Time whirls

Years vanish and pulse
Eclipsing sunlight

Warm soft winds blow


11 x 11 x 11cm


Free postage with the UK mainland.

Please contact me before purchase for a quote for shipping outside mainland UK.

A Free-Floating Minute